Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.
— Pete Carrol

The Problem

Let's face it, there's a lot of information out there about training, nutrition, fitness, health, and all that jazz.   There are papers being published daily, and thousands of books, articles, and resources to sift through.  Unfortunately, unless you do this for a living, and even if you do you're probably still somewhat overwhelmed, it's impossible to keep up with the evolution of the science.  It requires hours upon hours of reading just to get the nuts and bolts of the topic, and then you're still left figuring out how to actually implement and integrate new ideas into training.  Here at Rebel Performance we have a different idea:  let us worry about all that, while you focus on being an athlete.

Success demands singleness of purpose.
— Gary Keller

aim small miss small:  Focus on Being an athlete

Whether or not we want to admit it progress comes down to making correct micro-decisions on a day to day basis.  Make good decisions and you progress forward, but make bad or incorrect decisions and you either stall or move backwards.  At Rebel Performance we take care of this for you.  There will be no stress, and there will be no worrying because you'll wake up every day knowing you have a plan that's crafted for your success.  Seriously, we will tell you exactly what to do every day.  All you have to do is wake up and execute.

The RP Method

At Rebel Performance we do coaching different, and it all comes back to our unique three phase approach:  ASSESS TRAIN EVOLVE.


The first phase of our coaching program revolves around creating an athlete profile for you.  We essentially put on our nerd glasses and deep dive into every aspect of what you bring to the table:  biomechanics, posture, movement, neurological patterning, strength, power, aerobic capacity, nutrition, heart rate variability, blood sugar regulation etc.  The goal of this phase is to completly understand you as an athlete and as an person.  It allows us to know exactly where you are, which gives us the power to put together an integrated plan to take you where you want to go.


Now that we've spent hours pouring over your intake forms and initial data, and done the work of crafting your plan, it's time for you to pin your ears back and let it eat.  We are not, however, sending you on your way at this point.  Unlike many coaching programs we require that you send us feedback on a weekly basis.  This will include tracking daily HRV, filling in RPE ratings, and leaving us notes about how particular training days went.  While somewhat tedious, this is an essential aspect of the coaching process that ensures we are appropriately monitoring and progressing your training for optimal results.


Throughout the first two phases of our coaching process you’re building something underneath the old you that will be ready to explode when you’re done. Once you’ve completely burned away all remnants of what you thought
was possible, a new being will emerge from the carnage. A beast that killed the old you.  This is the evolve phase, and it's the most magical of the three because you get to reap the rewards of all the work you put in.  You get to look back at where you started and realize just how far you've come...just how much you've changed.  And once you've soaked it in we'll remind you it's time to get back to work.



Spencer medick

To give James the adequate praise he deserves, I’d have a write-up longer than the Harry Potter series. Having met JC 4 years ago, I immediately could tell there was something different about him (this was before he had his physique that would make even Clark Kent jealous). I have had the pleasure of living with James over the past year, and I have seen first-hand the dedicated, almost psychotic, work ethic he has towards learning about the optimization of human performance. Although if you asked him, he wouldn’t feel as though it is hard work; he has simply found his passion and life’s calling. One of the greatest benefits of training with James hasn’t been the programming, friendly check-ins, personal dedication, or any of the other quality services you would expect from a world-class trainer; it’s been his infectious passion. It’s one thing to pay someone to help you achieve your fitness or performance goals, it’s another for them to make you fall in love with the process. James is a brilliant mind who strikes the perfect balance between applying the latest research methods in physical adaptation with the old-school “survival of the fittest” mentality. If you’re an athlete in pain, looking to get more a more organized training regimen, or wondering if you haven't realized your full potential, James Cerbie is your guy.

Matt Albrizio.jpg

Matt albrizio

Forever fierce

"James Cerbie is one of the best human optimization coaches in the country. I say human optimization because his coaching goes deeper than prescribing exercises and nutrition. He truly tailors a custom program to your goals and uses his evaluations to identify weaknesses and turns them into strengths.

 For the past 4 years I have spent time program and coach hopping trying to find someone who truly understands individualize training. Many of these online coaches and programs are “individualized” with fine print about being placed in a coaching group where everyone has wildly different goals. They usually send you a cookie cutter work out and when you have a question its like you’re bothering them. My experience with James was the complete opposite, he actively checks in with you to ensure you don’t have any questions, engages in honest dialogue about what is and isn’t working with the programming, and takes the time to listen to your current situation outside the gym that may be playing a vital role in your strength and conditioning.

I run a multi-million dollar business. When you run your own business, the stuff that gets thrown your way is ridiculous and unpredictable. I used to wake up in the middle of the night literally sick with stress and anxiety. My sleep sucked. I was always tired even after a full night’s sleep. Since I started working with James, we came up with some new strategies that increase my productivity during the day, developed a routine to wind down at night, and developed a program that compliments my current lifestyle.

Prior to working with James, I could barely lift 3 days a week without feeling some type of back, knee, or shoulder pain. Today, I’m pain free. I gladly workout 3-4 days per week with heavier weights than ever before. He added 90 pounds to my front squat alone.  I feel like I have much more in the tank physically and mentally than ever before. Motivation to train is at an all time high. I would say this is just the excitement of a new program but this is now month 6 and I’m a firm believer in his coaching."


Erik Krueger – NSCA CPT, PN level 1, Student Physical Therapist

James Cerbie is what the fitness industry needs. Choosing James as a coach was one of the best decisions I made while in graduate school. James has helped me continue to reach my strength training goals while managing all of the stresses that come with graduate school. Not only that but James has helped me grow in my own understanding of training and nutrition that will help me deliver a high standard of care to my future patients and clients.


Billy "Bilkwon" Gamble

In March of 2016 I re-tweeked a lower back injury. At the time, I worked at a gym, but I had no idea what to do for my own fitness: How to rehab, how to continue to work on my fitness without losing gains, etc. I knew James Cerbie from a previous gym we both frequented and was someone who I'd always wanted to work with. I hit him up a month later and we've been working together ever since. James Cerbie's programming is thoughtful, challenging, and always enjoyable. As a coach he's accessible, helpful, and downright brilliant. Since working with Cerbie, my back feels great and I can lift heavy weights no problem, I've gone on to PR just about every lift I regularly work on and I've never felt stronger. I look forward to continuing working together into the future and cannot recommend James enough.

Nathan Becker.jpg

nathan becker

"Training online with James this summer was an awesome experience. Over two and a half months I saw significant gains in strength, quickness and flexibility (PR’s in deadlift, back squat and bench at the end of the summer and drop in pro shuttle and 60 time).  James was extremely diligent in his programming and very attentive to my needs, whether that meant adjusting on the fly because of limiting circumstances on my end or teaching technique via video or over the phone. My questions never went unanswered. As a college athlete I’ve trained with various professional sport performance training programs over my career, including Velocity Sports Performance, and I can say without a doubt training with James was the most enjoyable and rewarding experience I’ve had."

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